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Press Release: PACT Welcomes Dr. Lynch 

Retired Army General and Radiologist

The Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology has approved Dr. Richard Lynch, an Interventional Radiologist to the Board.

Lynch's Bio is no small document.  18 pages of high level accomplishments.  We have taken out a few below for your review.

Dr. Lynch will be working in the area of Diagnostic Infrared Imaging.  Dr. Lynch has spent countless hours comparing thermal images to mammogram, ultrasound, MRI, and biopsies.

Dr. Anthony Piana, the President of PACT stated, "This addition will by far separate us from other organizations.  We are now differentiating the use of thermal imaging for the breast.  There are two distinct uses: Screening Thermography and Diagnostic Thermography.  We now have Directors for each."

Alexander Sepper, MD, PhD will continue will his role as Director of Infrared Breast Screening. Dr. Sepper holds a PhD in Radiology, Oncology, and Thermology. Dr. Sepper has successfully screened 18,000 women for breast and ovarian cancer in one week with only one other assistant.

PACT reports are already looked over by 3 levels of interpreters.  Dr. Lynch will be adding his experience.

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Quote by Christiane Northrup, MD

"Every year when Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October) comes around I am a saddened and surprised that thermography hasn't become more popular. Part of this is my mindset. I'd rather focus on breast health and ways to prevent breast cancer at the cellular level than put the emphasis on testing and retesting until you finally do find something to poke, prod, cut out or radiate. That's why I call October Breast Health Awareness Month, not Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I understand that mammography has been the gold standard for years. Doctors are the most familiar with this test, and many believe that a mammogram is the best test for detecting breast cancer early. But it's not. Studies show that a thermogram identifies precancerous or cancerous cells earlier, and produces unambiguous results, which cuts down on additional testing and it doesn't hurt the body. Isn't this what women really want?"


I can't believe breast thermography isn't recommended at the top of the list by doctors. Once a woman experiences the ease and comfort of this technique, she will never allow another machine to crush her breasts again.

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